dinner menu


Miso Soup
Hot And Sour

Corn Soup
Wonton Soup
Thai Tom Yum Soup


Spring Salad
Avocado Salad
California Salad
Crab & Broccoli Salad
Sunomon Salad (5PCS)

Kaiso Salad
Chicken Salad
Mango Salad


Unagi Pancake (4PCS)
Onion Ring (4PCS)
Calamari (4PCS)
Chicken Katsu
Fried Scallop (2PCS)
Fried Chicken Wings (2PCS)
Chicken Karaage
Beef Short Ribs (3PCS)
Negi Beef Roll (2PCS)
Enoki Beef Roll (2PCS)
Vegetable Tempura (5PCS)
Shrimp Tempura (1PCS)
Broccoli Tempura (3PCS)
Yam Tempura (3PCS)
Pumpkin Tempura (3PCS)
Eggplant Tempura (3PCS)
Mushroom Tempura (3PCS)
Squid Tempura (4PCS)
Yakitori (1PCS)
Pork Skewered (1PCS)
Age Gyoza (2PCS)
Spring Roll (1PCS)

Age Dashi Tofu (2PCS)
Chicken Teriyaki
Salmon Teriyaki
Beef Teriyaki
Tofu Teriyaki
Black Pepper Beef
Garlic Beef
French Fries
Cheese Wonton (2PCS)
Yaki Nasu
Ebi App(4PCS)
Ika App
Ika Sugatayaki
Ebi Shrimp(4PCS)
Ebi Fry(1PCS)
Bacon Enoki(2PCS)
Salmon Asparagus(2PCS)
Deep Fried Salmon
Squid Tentacles
Sashimi Chips(1PCS)
Beef Tataki(6PCS)
Rock Shrimp


Vegetable Udon (SOUP)
Chicken Udon (SOUP)
Beef Udon (SOUP)
Pork Kastu Udon (SOUP)
Seafood Udon (SOUP)

Vegetable Yaki Udon
Chicken Yaki Udon
Beef Yaki Udon
Seafood Yaki Udon

asian food

Chicken Lo Mein
Beef Lo Mein
Seafood Lo Mein
Vegetable Lo Mein
Stir Fried Mixed Vegetable
Sweet & Sour Chicken
General Tao’s Chicken
Sesame Chicken
Bbq Pork Ribs (2PCS)
Chinese Pepper Beef
Lemon Chicken
Vegetable Fried Rice
Beef Fried Rice
Chicken Fried Rice
Seafood Fried Rice
Chicken Pad Thai

Beef Pad Thai
Shrimp Pad Thai
Broccoli Beef
Broccoli Chicken
Broccoli Shrimp
Basil Chicken
Basil Beef
Basil Shrimp
Green Curry Chicken
Green Curry Beef
Green Curry Vegetable
Green Curry Shrimp
Golden Curry Chicken
Golden Curry Vegetable
Golden Curry Beef
Steam Rice
Pineapple Rice

dim sum

Pork Shaomai (2PCS)
Sesame Ball (1PCS)
Spinach Shrimp Dumpling (2PCS)

Cramy Custard Bun (2PCS)
Barbecue Pork Bun (1PCS)
Shrimp Dumpling (2PCS)


Kappa Handroll (1PCS)
Shitake Handroll (1PCS)
Avocado & Cucumber Handroll (1PCS)
California Handroll (1PCS)
Salmon Handroll (1PCS)
Crab Handroll (1PCS)
Spicy Salmon Handroll (1PCS)
Spicy Tuna Handroll (1PCS)
Salmon Skin Handroll (1PCS)
Spicy Crab Handroll (1PCS)

Spicy Bincho Handroll (1PCS)
Spicy Butterfish Handroll (1PCS)
Alaska Handroll (1PCS)
Yam Tempura Handroll (1PCS)
Snapper Tempura Handroll (1PCS)
Dynamite Handroll (1PCS)
Unagi Handroll (1PCS)
Avocado Handroll (1PCS)
Spicy Scallop Handroll (1PCS)
Tuna Handroll (1PCS)
Slamon Tempura Handroll (1PCS)

sushi pizza

Salmon Pizza (4PCS)
Carb Pizza (4PCS)

Vegetarian Pizza (4PCS)
Bbq Eel Pizza (4PCS)

sushi roll

Cucumber Roll (6PCS)
Avocado Roll (6PCS)
Oshiko Roll (6PCS)
Shitake Roll (6PCS)
Asparagus Roll (6PCS)
Avocado & Cucumber Roll (6PCS)
California Roll (6PCS)
Salmon Roll (6PCS)
Spicy Tuna Roll (6PCS)
Spicy Salmon Roll (6PCS)
Salmon Skin Roll (6PCS)
Tamago Roll (6PCS)
Spicy Carb Roll (6PCS)
Spicy Scallop Roll (6PCS)
Spicy Bincho Roll (6PCS)

Spicy Butterfish Roll (6PCS)
Alaska Roll (6PCS)
Yam Tempura Roll (6PCS)
Salmon Tempura Roll (6PCS)
Redsnapper Tempura Roll (6PCS)
Chicken Teriyaki Roll (6PCS)
Beef Teriyaki Roll (6PCS)
Futomaki Roll (5PCS)
Sakura Roll (5PCS)
Unagi Roll (6PCS)
Brocoli Tempura Roll (5PCS)
Calamari Tempura Roll (5PCS)
Ninja Roll (6PCS)
Philadelphia Roll (6PCS)
Spicy Crispy Roll (6PCS)
Boston Roll (6PCS)

special roll

Rianbow Roll (4PCS)
Green Dragon Roll (4PCS)
Red Dragon Roll (4PCS)
Black Dragon Roll (4PCS)
Spider Roll (4PCS)
Vegetable King Roll (5PCS)
Fuji Roll (8PCS)
Tokyo Roll (5PCS)
Kumo Roll (8PCS)
Mango Roll(8PCS)
Ahi Tuna Roll (8PCS)

Caribbean Roll (8PCS)
Mountain Roll (6PCS)
Vegetatian Dragon Roll (4PCS)
Rock & Roll (5PCS)
Volcano Roll (5PCS)
Yuki Roll (6PCS)
Ocean Roll (6PCS)
Spicy California Roll (8PCS)
Osaka Roll (6PCS)
Vege Explosion Roll (8PCS)
Dynamite Roll (6PCS)


Egg Sushi (1PCS)
Bean Curd Sushi (1PCS)
Crab Sushi (1PCS)
Mackerel Sushi (1PCS)
Red Snapper Sushi (1PCS)
Surf Clam Sushi (1PCS)
Salmon Sushi (1PCS)
Oily Fish Sushi (1PCS)
White Tuna Sushi (1PCS)
Avocado Sushi (1PCS)
Squid sushi (1PCS)
Shrimp Sushi (1PCS)
Unagi Sushi (1PCS)
White Tuna Sushi (1PCS)
Fried Salmom Sushi (1PCS)

Fried Butterfish Sushi (1PCS)
Spicy Tuna Sushi (1PCS)
Spicy Salmon Sushi (1PCS)
Salmon Flower Sushi(1PCS)
Tuna Sushi (1PCS)
Spicy Scallop Sushi (1PCS)
Tobiko Sushi (1PCS)
Sweet Shrimp Sushi (1PCS)
Pepper Salmon Sushi (1PCS)

Torch Sushi
Torched Salmon Sushi (1PCS)
Torched Tai Sushi (1PCS)
Torched Butter Fish Sushi (1PCS)
Torched Ebi Sushi (1PCS)
Torched Ika Sushi (1PCS)
Torched Tuna Sushi (1PCS)


Carb Sashimi (1PCS)
Snapper Sashimi (1PCS)
Surf Clam Sashimi (1PCS)
Salmon Sashimi (1PCS)
Butter Fish Sashimi (1PCS)
Octopus Sashimi (1PCS)
Egg Sashimi (1PCS)
Mackerel Sashimi (1PCS)

Squid Sashimi (1PCS)
Shrimp Sashimi (1PCS)
White Tuna Sashimi (1PCS)
Scallop Sashimi (1PCS)
Tuna Sashimi (1PCS)
Spicy Salmon Sashimi (1PCS)
Pepper Salmon Sashimi (1PCS)
Sweet Shrimp Sashimi (1PCS)

donburi rice

Chicken Don
Katsu Don

Beef Don
Unagi Don


Green Tea Ice Cream
Red Bean Ice Cream
Mango Ice Cream
Vanilla Ice Cream
Chocolate Ice Cream
Coconut Ice Cream

Strawberry Ice Cream
Strawberry Jelly
Deep Fried Banana (2PCS)
Deep Fried Milk (1PCS)
Mango Pudding
Mango Yougurt

Amazing food and amazing vibes. What more can I say? All you can Sushi for a modest price of ~25 per head and literally everything on the menu is yours for the taking. Don’t wanna leave this place without topping it all off with some ice cream!

Location – Oakville

Location - Oakville
The quality of customer service was amazing and quick! With a wide variety of food and a great atmosphere it made our experience very enjoyable. Probably one of the best AYCE sushi spots in Mississauga.

Location – Mississauga

Location - Mississauga
My favorite all you can eat sushi in Toronto; especially Etobicoke! Pricier than most but the menu is elevated, endless & fresh to order! Pictured here is the 60.00 party tray! Can’t wait to dine in again!

Location – Etobicoke

Location - Etobicoke

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