8500, Lorem Street, Chicago, IL, 55030
8500, Lorem Street, Chicago, IL, 55030
Cooking day at Gardino

Italian Pasta Master Class

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Biggest Pizza Master Class from Our Owners and, Most Important, Pizza Lovers

We would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to our restaurant. We guarantee you the freshest food, delivered daily to our dock, prepared to your liking. We can prepare a specific meal by request. All our locations are providing a wonderful open-air venue to enjoy the meal all year round, we offer both indoor and alfresco dining and our focus is on serving. Giardino's dishes are always freshly prepared with simple, delicious products.

Chef and owner Antonio Azuro graduated as valedictorian of The Restaurant School of Italian Food Collage, Napoli, Italy

Chef and owner Vanessa Azuro graduated as valedictorian of The Restaurant School of Italian Food Collage, Napoli, Italy

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Amazing food and amazing vibes. What more can I say? All you can Sushi for a modest price of ~25 per head and literally everything on the menu is yours for the taking. Don’t wanna leave this place without topping it all off with some ice cream!

Location – Oakville

Location - Oakville
The quality of customer service was amazing and quick! With a wide variety of food and a great atmosphere it made our experience very enjoyable. Probably one of the best AYCE sushi spots in Mississauga.

Location – Mississauga

Location - Mississauga
My favorite all you can eat sushi in Toronto; especially Etobicoke! Pricier than most but the menu is elevated, endless & fresh to order! Pictured here is the 60.00 party tray! Can’t wait to dine in again!

Location – Etobicoke

Location - Etobicoke
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